EEI Fund Investment Tools

Community growth made possible

From the beginning, EEI Fund has been focused on connecting franchise owners with mentors, and investors with opportunities in our communities, and to working with our partners to ensure that these investments are repaid.

Our investors include individuals, religious organizations, civic organizations, businesses, foundations, and financial institutions. They are looking to invest in businesses and projects that are making a difference creating new franchise-owners, small businesses, retail development projects in underserved communities. They want to align their investment with their values. They want a return both financial and social. And they want a partner who can help them achieve these goals.

EEI Fund works to structure the investment appropriately and mitigate risks, providing flexible capital with the power to transform communities.

  • Individual Investors
  • Wealth Management Advisors
  • Civic/Religious Organizations
  • Foundations
  • Financial Institutions

Invest in the Loan Fund

The EEI Fund is a certified Community Development Entity (CDE) with the U.S. Department of Treasury CDFI Fund dedicated to providing debt and/or equity investment for franchise, retail, mixed use, technology and business developments in underserved communities. The Fund also support EEI’s Franchise youth and Young Professionals Feeder Program. Your investment with the Fund allows us to provide patient, flexible capital to our borrowers, making a difference in underserved communities.

Through our Loan program EEI Fund also offers financial institutions an equity equivalent (EQ2) product to assist in capitalization of its affiliates.

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